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MedTech: Making Healthcare Effortless

MedTech is Medical Technology, an industry that designs and manufactures a wide range of products to diagnose, monitor and treat patients through making use of blood pressure monitors, pregnancy kits, syringes, and bandages to various surgical instruments like MRI and CT scans.

Major advances in wireless technology, miniaturization, and computing power are driving innovation in MedTech, leading to development of an increasing number of connected medical devices that are able to generate, collect, analyze, and transmit data.

The development of new BP recording devices has been a highly active field of research in improving measurement accuracy, using a variety of technologies. This development has been the goal of major industries that patients could easily keep a check on their health by actually visiting the clinics.

Many successful devices are now available which can track your important health issues such as blood pressure, oxygen level, heart rate, etc.

Such devices can allow consumers to diagnose (and sometimes even treat) conditions at home or on the move. Always-on sensors in our clothes, on our body, or at home can continuously and passively gather data about our health and can alert potential health issues before they become symptomatic.

Challenges faced in research of developing health devices.

  • Maintaining cybersecurity.

  • Maintaining trust in a digital age.

  • Improving the adoption of medical technology at scale.

  • Developing an in-depth understanding of health users.

Blood Pressure measurement is considered an integral component of the diagnostic algorithm and managing hypertension. Hypertension (HTN) is the most common risk factor for cardiovascular disease as it affects about one billion people worldwide.

If your blood pressure is high, it means it is putting extra strain on your arteries and on your heart which can lead to heart disease and stroke.

In the era of digitalization, various wearable Blood Pressure Monitoring devices have been developed. These digital Blood Pressure Monitors allow frequent Blood Pressure measurements with minimal annoyance to the patient.

Old BP monitors such as Sphygmomanometers made a need to visit clinics, but the recent development of wearable BP monitoring devices such as Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor, Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor Kits, and Wireless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitors have made a mark and easy access to monitor BP on their own.

Advance to this with no use of cuffs and keeps your health at your fingertips by not only monitoring but also by providing health tips.

Doori Healthable is one of its kind smart health monitor that tracks your:

  • Body vitals

  • Blood pressure

  • Oxygen level

  • Body temperature

  • Also offers unique deep analysis tools that help to improve yourself with time

  • Helps in posture correction

  • Gives guided meditation

  • Ushers you into a direct journey towards respiration and healing.


Cost effective and purposefully designed, technology enabled healthcare solutions that help improve the well-being of millions of people radically change the way services are delivered to patients.


Medical technology, or MedTech, is a sector of the economy that develops and produces a wide range of products for patient monitoring, diagnosis, and care. It delivers healthcare solutions that are technologically enabled, cost-effective, and specifically designed to improve the health of millions of individuals and fundamentally alter services provided to patients.

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