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Doori Healthable

The most compact and unique heart monitor at 

₹ 2499/- only

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Unlock the Potential of your Health with Doori Healthable

  • Measure 6 Important Health Vitals

  • Health Tips from Experts

  • In-Depth Analysis of Your Heart

  • Predictive AI to help you understand your current heart health

Doori healthable, smart health monitor device

"Doori: Revolutionizing Healthcare In India By Bridging The Gap Between Patients And Doctors And Providing Affordable Healthcare"

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Visualize your heart

Visualize Your Heart

The Doori Healthable allows you to better understand your current health status with its advanced health trend-tracking algorithm and Predictive AI. Stay informed and proactive about your heart health with this innovative tool.

Advanced Fingertip Measurement

Doori Healthable enables hassle-free measurement of vital signs directly from your fingertips.

health monitor
Compact blood pressure machine

Clinically Graded Blood Pressure Measurements

With precise readings, you can monitor your blood pressure levels at home to ensure you are proactively managing your health. 

Get an Accurate Picture of Your Health

The Doori Healthable provides you with a comprehensive view of your body vitals. Gain an understanding of your body and get easy-to-read reports on your health metrics and use the insights to take the necessary steps to improve your wellbeing.

Doori healthable, body vital measurement

Revitalize Your Health with Our Expert Tips

Doori Healthable brings you expert health tips tailored to fit your body's unique needs related to diet, lifestyle, and exercise based on your body vitals.

Blood pressure machine

Advanced Graphical Representation for Accurate Analysis

Doori healthable app, graphical interface

Monitor Your Vital Signs with Ease

When it comes to your heart health, it’s important to keep track of the vitals that matter most. Our health device measures 6 important heart vitals. Doori Healthable provides you with accurate and reliable measurements.

Certified Health Product

Doori healthable certifications
Heart rate measurement

Track Your Heart Rate

Blood pressure measurement

Measure your Blood Pressure

Pulse Pressure

Evaluate your Pulse Pressure

Oygen level measurement

Know Your

Oxygen Level

Heart rate variability

Understand your Heart Rate Variability

Aeterial pressure

Examine your Arterial Pressure

CT scan

Heart Rhythm Monitoring Made Simple

Take control of your heart health. The Smart application provides a personalized heart health score, identifies any abnormalities in your heart rhythm, and gives you advice on how you can make positive lifestyle changes. 

insights about the heart
beating heart

Advanced Heart Function

The Doori Healthable provides measurements of important indicators such as stroke volume and cardiac output.  and provides detailed information you need to take care of your heart.

2d echo

Uncover Hidden Emotions with Mood Analysis

Get insights into your emotional state with our user-friendly mood analysis device. With accurate and detailed analysis, you can develop a better understanding of your emotional self. 

mood analysis

User Friendly Mobile Application

Doori Healthable seamlessly integrates with a user-friendly mobile app, enhancing your monitoring experience. Access your health data, trends, and historical records at your convenience.

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